Travels by Tom Flynn

Based out of Neshanic Station, New Jersey, singer, and songwriter Tom Flynn has a distinct and enjoyable sound that is quite memorable and refreshing. In August of 2018, Flynn blessed the world of rock music with his debut album titled Travels. The lead single off the album Automatic People is an excellent display of Flynn’s creativity that devotees of alternative and folk rock are destined to enjoy.

Automatic People is thoroughly entertaining but also works well in establishing Flynn’s reputation as a songwriter with much poetic lyricism to offer. In a manner similar to the legendary Bob Dylan, Flynn’s inventive and expressive play with metaphors gives Automatic People authentic imagery that is compelling.

Musically, Automatic People is able to capture our attention with well-defined acoustic instrumentation and melodious electric guitar riffs. Flynn puts the icing on the cake with a spectacular vocal performance that proves to be the foundation of Automatic People’s warmth and attractiveness. Automatic People by Tom Flynn is a beautiful display of musical craftsmanship that you don’t want to miss.

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