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Thrillchaser’s New Single “Fantasy” Is Amazing!

Heralding from the east coast of the United States, the alternative pop trio Thrillchaser release a new single titled “Fantasy” from their album It Was Always Gonna Be Like This. Thrillchaser is comprised of Rob Lundy (bass/synth/vocals). Nicole Zell (vocals/guitar), and Christopher Spousta (drums/percussion). Thrillchaser has procured a unique sound that reminds us of the beauty and influence of music itself.

Fantasy opens with a thunderous drum sequence that transitions into a full-blown groove led by a stunning vocal performance from Nicole. The ear-grabbing melody has a retro 80’s-pop feel draped in a post-modern artistic rhythm. Rob provides some captivating measures of synth that prove to be a priceless asset in the track’s structure. The tune’s crisp drumming, as performed by band member Chris, keeps everything in balance. Fantasy is a beautiful song that is easy to follow and demonstrates Thrillchaser’s love for music, which is more than enough to make their audience just as passionate about the music.