Daryl Evans remains relevant with his newest release.

Daryl Evans is as real as they come. The multi-talented artist, entrepreneur, producer, and rap personality has a story to tell and the life experiences to support his claims. Hailing from South Wales, UK, Evans’ musical journey began during his youth. He started a rap group that turned into a business. Evans is also a part of Double KD. Double KD consists of Kelly Davies, known as Kelly D for short, on female vocals, and Daryl Evans on male vocals. Evans’ expertise is not limited to music. His skills include photography, project management, and video production. Evans latest release titled A Mic In A Book Shelf is a toast and testimony of his symphonic brilliance.

A Mic In A Book Shelf is an EP comprised of six tantalizing tracks. Evans is able to present an organic and sincere offering that makes his audience feel like he is in a personal conversation with them. Beginning with the EP’s opening track Machine, Evans lyrically paints a look out the window view of reality that is filled with practical wisdom for people from all different walks of life. Interestingly, the opening track Machine comes with a terrific music video that does an excellent job of tracking Evans’ movements as an emcee. A Mic In A Book Shelf shines musically with warm and charming production that is accentuated by an above par post-production process, which can be seen in the track Driving. Evans concludes this masterful work with the high-energy If You Don’t Like It, an excellent ending to an outstanding project. A Mic In A Book Shelf by Daryl Evans is a perfect way to read life through sound.

A Mic In A Book Shelf (EP) 

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