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Pygophilia: The Love For Voluptuous Booty Is Now A Psychiatric Disorder?!!

Pygophilia: The love for butts is classified by some academics as a mental disorder.

The media’s focus on racial tensions in society is almost a blind for the modern-day exploits of scientific racism. Who would ever think that sexual arousal from gazing at one’s buttocks would not only be listed as a sexual fetish, but a mental disorder by some academics in the medical field?!!! It’s called Pygophilia. According to the Study Guide for the NCE Exam DSM-5 by Dr. Linton Hutchinson, pygophilia (the love for voluptuous booty) is classified paraphilic disorder. This is why you have to throw your piss bottles at leaders in the Black Conscious Community who go on YouTube telling ethnic youth to have faith in science and not forewarn them of the ills of scientific racism. Shamefully, the love for anything from a phatty to a whooty, and Jennifer Lopez scrapings is getting defecated on by the modern academic community as a psychiatric disorder.

You would think that after all the hard work that African-American, Irish, Italian, and Latina women put into getting into them jeans now made famous that science would act in accord with the “put a ring on it” hands-off policy. But then again, loving Beyonce-type attributes for all the right reasons might put you on medication. Right Diagnosis from Health Grades lists pygophilia as curable through medication! It makes you think that the wealth contained in the flat ass community is by design. People with flat asses get better housing, better jobs, and a less likely chance to get put on drug-addicting medication by today’s pharmaceutical field for individuals who exclusively love women with fat asses. As America gets dumber and dumber in the height of scientific racism, like it or not, its all about whose got a fat ass right now. Are you staring at the woman in the red dress? Look again, we have a pill for you!