Back in 2017, I had the distinct honor of getting to know the work of Chand K. Nova in review of his EP “Uncuffed”. The London-based award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is known for his extraordinary sound, which often features his expertise as a guitarist. It is due to Nova’s relentless work ethic that we can now enjoy the compelling vibrations of his new EP titled The Drifter.

Comprised of five tracks, The Drifter proves to be a delightful interpretation of the human experience and encompasses many of the aspects of life we are forced to face alone. Nova is able to create a musical novel that fall onto the ears of the easy listening genre through The Drifter’s exotic instrumentation wherein the electric guitar acts as the narrator.  Below is a track review of The Drifter.


1-Take Flight – Nova opens The Drifter EP with the reflective and engulfing Take Flight. The tunes down-tempo allows Nova to really go hard on blues-influenced guitar riffs. The song induces moods of relaxation and stands as a melody listeners will cherish.

2-Soldier of Sentiment – Nova sets the tone for romance with Soldier of Sentiment. Nova is able to present a cinematic story of a past love with guitar chords played in an eloquent storybook fashion.

3-The Drifter – Nova expresses his signature transcendental guitar ingenuousness in the EP’s title track that sets up an atmosphere where the listeners feel like they are on a journey. The Drifter culminates in a free-spirited electric guitar play that is in synch with our soul’s longing for freedom.

4-Night Of The Wolves – This funky composition is all about campfires and enjoying the nightlife of nature. Nova’s spectacular guitar performance and backing bassline is deserving of accolades. Simply put, Night of the Wolves is a beautiful song and one of Nova’s best pieces.

5-Lost Chapter – Nova concludes the exquisite tastes of The Drifter EP with an introspective guitar ballad about forgotten memories that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. Lost Chapter evolves into a highly energized landscape.

The Drifter by Chand K. Nova is a treasure chest of creativity. The Drifter’s makes an intelligible approach to melody that is both imaginative and soothing. The sonic pilgrimage of The Drifter takes its audience by the hand and leads them into a place of contemplation, reflection, and ultimately, freedom.

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