A proven renaissance man of our times,  the multi-talented Sven Kuehbauch a.k.a. Svenson has released a brilliant new album, entitled, 10th Anniversary. This album marks 10 years of his solo instrumental work. Svenson is also a noted author and worldwide performer. His career as an instrumentalist, specifically guitarist,  has landed him endorsement deals with the likes of Music Man Guitars and Peavey and Ernie Ball Strings.

Svenson’s musical skills are well-respected by industry standards. He’s recorded with such greats as Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Jerry Donahue (Hellecasters), Rhani Krija (Sting) and Lulo Reinhardt. Svenson is a name that conjures up a true legend in the minds of his fans. His latest album, 10th Anniversary, is a testimony to his genius.

10th Anniversary contains eight tracks.  The album opens up with the raw energetic Yeehaw,  a track which also features the talents of Jerry Donahue. Not only is this a great collaboration, but its one of this album’s best offerings.

Each track on the album unlocks another dimension of Svenson’s skill. The blues influenced Ride Away is sure to put any listener in the driver’s seat of reflections. Svenson does a great job on the vocals.


Another album gem is found in the jazzy mischief of Mr. Stern, which features Nikalous Halfmann, Michael Koch, Jan Lange, and Martin Tront. Mr. Stern’s upbeat tempo and jazz fusion elements give the album another chamber for listeners to enjoy.

Although 10th Anniversary is listed as rock music, Svenson’s work often crosses over into other genres, making a memorable experience for true music lovers and all who wish to explore the boundaries of sound. Blossomwhite (featuring Michael Schwabe) and Farewell my Friend are really impressive tracks that to the album’s eclectic mood.

Tears from the Sky (6505 Version) is the album’s final track and a wonderful look into the depths of genius that Svenson has cultivated over the years. Tears from the Sky is a psychedelicly influenced track, but is warm and subtle in its approach. Svenson uses his expertise as a guitarist to speak to his audience. It is through this message of chords that we are left with the conversation of a masterpiece vibrating in our souls. Tears from the Sky puts the icing on the cake for an album that is an extraordinary contribution to society. This is one musical work that should be a celebrated part of every musician’s library. There are no disappointments in Svenson’s 10th Anniversary.

10th Anniversary by Svenson


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