Originally from the United Arab Emirates, electronic music composer, producer, and entertainer extraordinaire, Console Clone has released the debut album entitled Rewind Mankind. This cinematic masterpiece draws its symphonic landscape alongside the canals of electro, synthpop, and synthwave musical genres. Console Clone weaves the tapestry of each track with elements from legendary sci-fi films and other subliminal jargon that fancies a retrospective sound.

Rewind Mankind is comprised of eleven tantalizing compositions. Different than many electronic recordings, Console Clone’s presentation is not bewitched by a dark atmosphere. Instead, we find an album that has many bright moments and is inspirational. Rewind Mankind’s energetic tone is described in detail in the track-by-track review of the album.

The Void – Appearing as an intro of sorts, The Void takes listeners into the center of their own universe with an assortment of instrumentation that lays down the foundation for this track’s hazy landscape.

Rewind Mankind – Opening with bright synth sounds and an electro-pop structure, the album’s title track is blissfully compelling and reinforces Console Clone’s expertise as a producer.

An Absence of Mind – This selection steps to the fore as one of the album’s gems. The drum programming is exceptional. An Absence of Mind has few layers, but with some intelligent mixing, these sequences are maximized to the height of a full orchestra.

Space Race – The upbeat tempo and easy-to-follow bassline keep Space Race moving in the right direction.

Demon Knight – Beautifully Console Clone lets the lead synth speak in a language that we can follow. The background sound effects aid in the creating a nocturnal atmosphere that Demon Knight fully utilizes.

The Video Dead – With a musical expedition that contains elements of the Night of the Living Dead, Console Clone is able to build a chilling, but explosive smorgasbord of layered storytelling riffs.

The Beyond – The Beyond seems to allude to an afterlife journey. Given the theme of the previous track, it seems logical to conclude that Rewind Mankind is a concept album.

Monogamy – We find a return of the album’s brighter side with Monogamy. The spirit of this composition lies in its keyboard lead and complex drum pattern.

Klendathu – Aside from the track’s title, which seems to have originated with Storm Troopers, Klendathu is an intense offering that easily settles in on the dance floor.

Tears In Rain – One of my favorite compositions on Rewind Mankind, Console Clone gets a bit more inventive. Who’s up for the chase?

Electric Sheep – Console Clone concludes Rewind Mankind with the dark, and somewhat heavy; Electric Sheep. It’s time to get the donuts is the visual that this melody paints. Perhaps that’s what we need to hear in order to make a change in our personal lives and society as a whole.

Rewind Mankind by Console Clone is quite moving and hosts an array of musical attitudes. Yet, Console Clone is able to harness the essential ingredients of each track in order to make an album that is rewarding. The album’s artwork by Leah Davis is incredible and captures the essence of Rewind Mankind.

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