As one of the founding members of the legendary poetry collective known as Terrorist Syndicate, Byron Jackson aka Furious Lord is one of the most skilled wordsmiths to bless the mic. Not only is the linguistic architect repping my hometown of Hempstead, Long Island to the fullest, but has graciously bestowed spoken word purists with a dose of “the revolution won’t be televised” nostalgia with his new album entitled Bionic Buffalo Soldier.

Bionic Buffalo Soldier is an incredible offering of thirteen songs that perfectly embodies the essence of urban poetry. As an ambassador of oppressed people, Furious Lord emerges to the forefront of the stage in a strictly ballistic form. Another impressive feature of the Bionic Buffalo Soldier album is found in its production. Fellow Terrorist Syndicate wordsmith Con Ticci has put together a ravishing musical landscape that is both melodic and militant without compromising the lexical components of the spoken word art form.

Furious Lord opens the album with the blunt verbiage of the track P C, wherein he sets the tone for what is to follow. Every word is heard and the scenario of what is known today as “political correctness” is analyzed as a drug infecting humanity. It’s a brilliant piece that is sure to keep listeners addicted to the repeat key in order to catch every metaphor that Furious Lord imparts.

Bionic Buffalo Soldier’s explosive formula is a winner, as the music and words melt together in this sonic smorgasbord of gems, emerges another epic track entitled Ten Coon Commandments. Definitely, the best possible spin-off of Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments, Furious Lord makes a louder statement with this legendary template by describing the racially ugly sellouts, who choose to worship their oppressors than fight for freedom. Bionic Buffalo Soldier is a relentless plea to open your mind and in this is perhaps an initiation for a world that doesn’t know where it’s going or how it got into its present state. Interview With A Noose and The Have Nots, which features Terrorist Syndicate are serial glimpses of the brilliance as this whole collection of avant-garde realism sets a precedent in how a poetic five-star general can change the world. Peace!

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