A Heartbreak In The Making (song)

A Heartbreak In The Making by Randall Lee Richards

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, singer and songwriter Randall Lee Richards is a brilliant musician with an unprecedented passion for the world of song. Richards’ lifelong love affair with music began at the tender age of five. Approximately seven years later, a 12-year-old Richards would travel to Nashville and land his first record deal. Richards’ first single was released about a month after the record deal. Since this time the bulk of Richards’ success has come through his work as a songwriter. As an EMI/Sony Music writer, Richards’ songs have been recorded over one hundred times around the world selling millions of copies. This seasoned music veteran has had the distinct honor of being mentored by such legends like Neil Diamond, Charlie Daniels, and Elton John. Gifted with a sense of symphonic dexterity, Richards’ ambitious strivings has resulted in the release of his new single A Heartbreak In The Making.

Richards’ musical expertise as an artist proves to be the catalyst of charm, which makes A Heartbreak In The Making come to life. This country-rock tune also engages the sounds of pop and techno into its sonic landscape. A Heartbreak In The Making covers the romantically challenging theme of boy meets girl in a bar. Poetically. Richards is able to paint a picture in the first person about the heartache that dating a seductive woman may cause. Musically, listeners are treated to an electrifying melody. Richards’ guitar-in-hand genius creates an intoxicating charisma that makes this song highly desirable for music enthusiasts. A Heartbreak In The Making is one of the best antidotes I’ve ever heard.


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