Based out of Dallas, Texas, Archive4 comes replete with an imaginative creativity that brings a refreshingly upbeat charm to the worlds of alternative, classic rock, and popular music. Hey Sebastian, the group’s new single off their self-titled debut album has a warm organic sound and an ear-candy hook that is charming.  Archive4 enhances Hey Sebastian’s festive vibe with an entertaining video that perfectly complements the tune’s light-hearted nature.

The music video for Hey Sebastian opens with a visual theme that is similar to Gilligan’s Island. Stranded on a deserted island with Sebastian never sounded so good. Hey Sebastian’s melody and hook are impressively memorable. The video’s bright setting and cinematography is simply loved at first sight. The video captures Archive4 band members on an island with nothing else better to do than create good music. Sounds like fun? Hey Sebastian’s music video will turn viewers into listeners and listeners into seers. Hey Sebastian by Archive4 raises the bar on what can be done musically and visually.


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