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Sex Robot by The Wyatt Act


Sex Robot by The Wyatt Act

As one of the last San Francisco bands willing to venture into an exceedingly experimental sonic landscape, The Wyatt Act have immersed themselves in a symphonic tapestry of blues, jazz, psychedelic, and rock music genres while en route to creating their own sound. It’s called SlamRock. It’s a combination of Slam Poetry and Rock & Roll. The Wyatt Act’s lyrical content, progressive approaches, and musical expertise reveal the group’s genius.

The Wyatt Act’s most recent release, Sex Robot, is a powerful, yet timely song about humanity’s newest bed partner, the robot. The track brilliantly covers this controversial topic from the machine’s perspective, as the cadence of Guinevere Q’s poetically sung musings keep the theme’s imagery fresh. The song’s vibrant energy is exemplified by its deep bassline, seductive drumbeat, and transcendental saxophone. Sex Robot’s intense melody and avant-garde song structure immediately charm the audience with its own sense of technological bravado. Not only is Sex Robot by The Wyatt Act a modern-day psychedelic masterpiece, but it also proves to be a passionate plea for control in a society obsessed with technology. A standing ovation indeed!

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