Alternative Music

Emergency by Diamond Lake

Currently based out of the beloved city of Minneapolis, Diamond Lake is an incredible rock band that has an engaging and enchanting sound. The group was formed in Brooklyn, New York back in 2012 by members Jarrod Riddle (vocals, guitar, keys) and Ollie Bauer (drums, programming). Shortly after relocating to the midwest, Diamond Lake added the musical expertise of their newest bandmate Andy Gruhn (bass/keyboards) to the menu. The group’s blistering creativity is spawned by its aims to achieve something different and invigorating, all of which can be seen from their recent song Emergency.

Emergency is an exhilarating tune off of Diamond Lake’s EP entitled Changes. The track’s vibrant guitar riff is reminiscent of U2’s early days but with a post-modern attitude. The bassline is simply marvelous. Diamond Lake is able to create a funky melody for rock purists that proves to be a seductive vehicle for some very cerebral lyricism. Emergency reinforces the sense of urgency needed to make changes in this world and in our lives. Emergency by Diamond Lake reveals the power of music when musicians recognize their responsibility as caretakers of this sacred craft.


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