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Lacewing by Trippy Hearts

What started off as a musical project between band members living at a distance has blossomed into a wonderful musical group called Trippy Hearts. Boise-based Trippy Hearts are comprised of Jenn Sutkowski on Rhodes electric piano and vocals, Brent Heiner on guitar, Stephen Samuelson on baritone guitar, bass and drums, and Hyrum Haeberle on bass. The group’s free-spirited nature has resulted in the release of the album Lacewing.

Lacewing is a sterling effort and brilliant 8-track effort that consists of avant-garde alternative rock jargon that is very inventive. Jenn carries most of the lead vocals that blend so eloquently amid the tapestry of the organic sound. Drawing upon elements from the blues, folk, and soul, Trippy Hearts’ emblazoned genius is sure to remain afloat in our memory.