Straight from Detroit, Michigan, Hip Hop artist JunesFlow introduces the world to a new cultural dimension with the release of his rap album Long Live Jit. Certainly, JunesFlow is no stranger to the mic. Detroit’s native emcee has journeyed on the road less traveled to become a household name for quite some time. The dexterity of his bars can be heard on tracks like Daily HolidayWake and Bake, along with some timely quest appearances. As a student and master of his craft, JunesFlow rap credentials has provided him with a platform large enough to shed light on Detroit’s art and traditions as we find in Long Live Jit’s theme.

Released by WhatUpDoe Radio, Long Live Jit is an innovative album composed of eight tracks. The title of this treasure chest is derived from the Jitterbug, aka The Jit, which is a legendary dance primarily done to Detroit Techno-Music that has spanned the decades. With the exception of the album’s title track, which was produced by Desmond “Dj DDT” Travis, Mark Cooper is the driver behind the Long Live Jit album production.

Long Live Jit’s nostalgic ride begins with the energized title track, wherein JunesFlow works as Detroit’s lyrical narrator. The track Long Live Jit sets the tempo for the songs that follow. The album is filled with hard-edged techno beats and electro-dance soundscapes that keep Long Live Jit’s focus on the history The Jit. All the songs on the album are engineered to be 3 minutes and 13 seconds long, a way of paying tribute to Detroit’s area code “313”. JunesFlow is the balancing factor that keeps Long Live Jit hip-hop inspired. Tracks like All The Way Live and The Circle are not only prime examples of Love Long Jit’s continuity, but also demonstrate JunesFlow’s flexibility as a rapper when it comes to moving the crowd. Long Live Jit by JunesFlow is a Hip Hop masterpiece and an excellent example of how rap music can act as a tool in preserving traditions outside of its own art form.

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