No Serial Killer
No Serial Killer

No Serial Killer is on a mission to restore Rock and Roll to its eternal prominence.  Originally from England, No Serial Killer is the brainchild of self-taught pianist, composer, and songwriter AKM. He draws much of his influence from Rock and Roll along with its various forms of expression found throughout the genre of rock music itself.

No Serial Killer is on the verge of releasing a new LP entitled The Greatest Music Album In Recorded Human History. The album consists of fourteen great tracks. Every song possesses its own uniqueness. There are absolutely no fillers. All songs appearing on the album were written by AKM, who also played bass piano on every track. Bass piano is a piano played like a bass guitar. AKM has worked with various American singers on the album and has put forth its first single titled So Alive.

So Alive is an enchanting tune that is full of nostalgic energy. The track has an excellent sound that is enriched by voice and bass piano. So Alive incorporates elements of psychedelic rock and electro-pop into its musical landscape. The continuity of the track’s repetitive melody is greatly enhanced by the charms of So Alive’s lyrical content and female singer.

The song’s metaphoric verbalism covers a range of topics, some of which include ecology, romance, murder, politics, Trump, and many of the things that enter our minds during the day, things that we never speak upon. The poetic medium in which these ideas are expressed is equally entertaining. What I find amazing about the song So Alive is the eras of rock music covered in the style of chorale that is presented in the song. Each verse is written in a pattern reminiscent of a period in rock music. However, we find the track itself is a delightful reinvention of the brilliant energy that made rock music so enchanting.

So Alive’s musical landscape consists of a single bass piano. AKM craftiness steers this unique instrument into a transcendental realm of instrumentation reminiscent of such legendary acts like Simon and Garfunkel, The Eagles, and Led Zeppelin, but with post-modern charm. So Alive by No Serial Killer is a sign that good music’s longevity will never die.

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