ENGLEWOOD, CO - AUGUST 11: Itchy-O performs at the Gothic Theatre on August 11, 2018 in Englewood, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell)

Based out of Denver, Colorado, a battalion of avant-garde musicians riding under the banner of Itchy-O has produced an incorporable album entitled Mystic Spy | Psykho Dojo.  Itchy-O is a spectacular entourage comprised of twenty-six members, which occasionally expands to a collective the size of fifty performers, who seek to create a musical experience that is both spiritual and enlightening.

Mystic Spy | Psykho Dojo is an album that carries a dual theme. The Mystic Spy side explores rivalry between two sects in their pursuit of a supernatural power. Psykho Dojo illustrates the tapestry of the celestial realm and a parallel universe of deep martial psychic discipline. Based on the nature of this work, my review is a psychic response to the sounds and musical landscapes presented in the album. Enjoy!

ENGLEWOOD, CO – AUGUST 11: Itchy-O performs at the Gothic Theatre on August 11, 2018, in Englewood, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell)

Mystic Spy (Side A)

Black Mist – This track rises from the percussion upwards. The guitar riffs color this tune with a rare sinister charm that is quite intoxicating, but lavishly intense.

Ghosts of Treason – A cinematic composition that puts listeners in the mood for an epic game of chase. The track has a catchy rhythm and heartfelt drumming that will make you stay for the ride. However, nearing the track’s conclusion we find a haunting interlude that makes this piece true to its title.

Saptaloka – A clever electro-rock smorgasbord that demands our full attention. The intensity of the track and some mind-bending transitions keep our hopes upon the unexpected.

Idra & Scepter – An electrifying piece of music with some exceptional drumming, but possesses a mysterious beginning that puts us in the mood for the dance of tribal ecstasy.

Psykho Dojo (Side B)

Pole Star – Itchy-O used NASA recordings from the 1977 space probe Voyager I throughout Psykho Dojo (Side B). The track has a very ethereal feel with a groove that will keep the listener’s attention focused on the night sky.

The Silver River – A sonic landscape filled with atmospheric noises and different sounds of nature. Perhaps the consciousness that one may experience when meditating in the forest knowing that you can take this place with you by keeping the music.

Diakkas – The final stage in the initiatory journey before we can embrace communion as stated in this musical conversation.

Video – Black Mist One of the best music videos that I have ever seen. The Black Mist music video uses animation and collage to further enhance the mysteriousness of the song and its inventive qualities.

Mystic Spy | Psykho Dojo is an enchanting treasure filled with wisdom through instrumentation and an initiation from a melody. It’s refreshing to see Itchy-O put the time and care in procuring a work of art that proves to be a mystery of the ages.

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