Repkomania is percolating throughout the nation’s underground rock music scene due to the charisma of singer and songwriter Rhett Repko. The talented composer was honored earlier this year as 2018 Songwriter of the Year. Rhett Repko is as talented as they come. His hard work ethic and bubbling raw talent have created a signature style that beckons upon elements of classic rock and its progressive counterpart for a truly remarkable sound. Repko’s latest single Lately Baby is another brick upon the golden road to success.

Lately Baby is an energetic rock tune with an upbeat theme of turning an attractive lady into a prospective love interest. The musical landscape of the song leans on the side of modern rock. Lately Baby opens with a nice electric guitar lead and larger than life drums. Repko’s voice fits like a hand in glove over the groove. Lately Baby is a charming offering that gracefully meets the expectations of rock purists worldwide. Repkomania may just very well be to rock music what Napoleon Dynamite is to the big screen.

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