The Los Angeles-based rock band Dizzy Box Nine accelerates its musical genius with the release of a new album titled Radio Fiction. The band was founded in 2016 by musician/singer Randy Ludwig, and features guitarist Tony Robles and drummer Amos Przekaza. Dizzy Box Nine’s brand is an impressive amalgamation of talent, professionalism, and great vocals.

Radio Fiction is a brilliant effort that perfectly embodies Dizzy Box Nine’s musical synergy. This 9-track treasure chest will keep you yearning for more. The album opens up with the charming and crisp song Show Me Everything That You Are. The track’s psychedelic rock landscape is very stunning and sets the tone of what is to follow – excelling song structure and instrumentation, along with upbeat lyricism. Dizzy Box Nine keep the intensity on a heavenly note with succeeding tracks like GPA and Anytime Anyplace (Alternative Version).

The album’s rich texture is further enlivened by tracks like the heartfelt 20 Seconds, which is one example that demonstrates Dizzy Box Nine’s thirst for layered harmonies and lyrical prose. Radio Fiction doesn’t miss a beat and Dizzy Box Nine’s courageous sense of imagination gives rise to some deep-seated anthems. I Won’t Let You Down is not only pure genius but also reminds us of the beauty that music possesses as a whole.

Dizzy Box Nine brings this illustrious melodic voyage to a close with the sounds of My Last Day. However, we are forever left with the memories and imperative desire to revisit this masterful work time and time again. Radio Fiction by Dizzy Box Nine is simply great music for great times

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