The multi-talented actor, singer, and songwriter Alexis Gerred puts his heart and soul into every artistic endeavor that he pursues. Gerred has starred in American Idiot, West End theatre & TV, and was a recent semi-finalist on the BBC’s Let It Shine television show. After establishing a name for himself as an actor, the United Kingdom’s Renaissance man will be sharing his musical expertise with the world upon the release of his self-titled debut album on October 26th, 2018.

Available through Power & Purpose Records, Alexis is a handsomely sincere collection of progressive pop/rock songs that were penned by Gerred. From start to finish, Alexis proves to be an emotionally moving body of work that is exemplified by some brilliant production and a superb vocal performance. While carrying his own original sense of chorale, Gerred’s articulate manner in song is reminiscent of music legends like Phil Collins and George Michael. The album’s sound is composed mainly of acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and additional synth elements.

The continuity of the album is made real by its varying structure in melody and inventive rhythms. Alexis opens with the enthralling Sweet Angel, a warm pop song with an attractive landscape that is memorable and an epic work of genius. Rule The World feat. Danielle Steers boasts a flavorful duet with an incredible array of instrumentation, adding to the organic quality of the album. The upbeat charmer entitled Road To Redemption is a telling song with a meaningful theme.

Alexis is a masterpiece! Gerred’s debut undertaking is filled with a vibrant flavor that serves as a lesson for both musicians and lovers of quality music. In an era where much of what exists on the mainstream is artificial, Alexis brings a timeless classic to the music world with a sound that can be embraced by generations to come.


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