hip hop

Dreams (feat. Snypod) by Jaiz

Jaiz proves that you can be all that you can be in Dreams.

Rap artist Jaiz is proving to be a force to reckon with in the music world. His passion for the genre has produced many accolades including being recognized on a global level as the highest ranked hip-hop artist by Reverbnation. Jaiz has also accumulated millions of video views through YouTube and other forms of social media. In spite of all his achievements, it is Jaiz’s love for lyricism and music that is most admired. Jaiz is rap music’s generation gap mender. Possessing the dexterity of intelligible rhyme in post-modern fashion, this wordsmith is able to capture both the attention of devotees of hip-hop’s golden era and its progressive urban expressions of today. Dreams (Feat. Snypod) is one song that reveals the dynamics of Jaiz’s musical capabilities.

Dreams is a solid rap tune that takes its audience on a narrative journey of ascension. Everything is real in Jaiz’s world, as Dreams centers around the topic of rising above poverty and the charms of a heartless world to reach our Dreams. Jaiz’s goes in bar for bar with a delightful rhyme with a soulful cadence and delivery. Snypod adds some additional vocals on the hook. The musical landscape of Dreams is innovative and works, as the perfect podium for what Jaiz is about to unleash. Dreams (feat. Snypod) by Jaiz is a winner for all rap purists.


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