Baggio - You Want Me - Single Cover (JPG)

Originally from the Wageningen, Netherlands, Baggio maintains his eye for success through hard work and determination. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, Baggio gained much of his expertise from the disciplined adventures in becoming a self-taught genius of popular music. This youthful veteran’s career has wonderfully blossomed into a garden of live performances, radio, and television appearances. The musical gems procured from Baggio’s motivation are evident in his new song You Want Me.

Released by Poromo Records, You Want Me is a funky pop tune with a distinct sonic landscape that is warm and inviting. Listeners are immediately enchanted by the track’s moving bassline and Baggio’s soulful harmonies. The track’s festive vibe can only be attributed to Baggio’s input as composer, guitarist, keyboardist, drums and percussionist, vocalist, and his work as the song’s engineer and producer. You Want Me by Baggio is a bold step in becoming a musician that the world holds dear.

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