Aneessa (singer)

Back To Life by Aneessa


As a true Renaissance woman of the post-modern era, French dance and pop music diva Aneessa has mastered the craft of artistic continuity through self-discovery and a courageous reinvention of her image. She has recently teamed up with the legendary Motown producer Michael B Sutton for a new version of Back to Life by Soul2Soul.

Using a template molded around contemporary jazz, Sutton is able to build a magical landscape that accentuates an entirely new vibe than the original version of Back to Life. Musically, we are brought to an oasis of exotic instrumentation opening with an inspiring horizon of brass, keyboards, synthesizers and percussion that is wonderfully brought together with an enchanting bassline and an organic approach to sound. Aneessa’s soulful vocal performance is perfectly in tune with this sophisticated offering. She is able to embody her present-day reinvention through a theme song that speaks boldly about where she is at in life. Aneessa tastefully takes the vocal lead with a heartfelt chorale, backing harmonies and overdubs, as she is able to make Back to Life her own. Overall, Back to Life by Aneessa is a celebratory melody and a marvelous way to turn an all-time favorite into something new that can be enjoyed by our present generation. For more information check out the following links:
Pre-order Aneeessa’s version of ” Back to Life” on iTunes and Amazon Today!
iTunes :
Amazon :

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