Based out of Minnesota, Brian and Katie Payton are a riveting husband and wife singer/songwriter team that records music under the name Made Alive. The duo is also an aspiring testimony that all things are possible by those who put faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, as the couple met at a Christmas program at Brian’s church. Since this time. the two have married and developed their music and faith for the greater good as we can see from their new single titled Made Alive.

Made Alive is a blissful rock song with a delightful Christian theme. It also sets a precedent in musical expression for all churchgoers. Made Alive is a track off of the duo’s self-titled EP. Made Alive centers on the theme of how rich one’s life is made by taking their faith in Christ more seriously. Musically, the song possesses the effervescent sounds of progressive rock music. Katie captures the spirit of repentance in her stirring vocal performance.  Made Alive is certainly a spiritual gem for those of the faith and rock purists respectively.


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