Junkyard #1 Speedway

Legendary movies like Fast and Furious, Speed Racer, and Born To Race are just a few titles that reveal the energy behind car racing culture in America. It appears that car-racing culture is on the rise, as Junkyard #1 Speedway has recently announced that it would expand its brand globally. Located in Canton, Mississippi, Junkyard #1 began as a horseracing track that was later converted to fill the needs of car racing, wherein “Speedway” was added to the title. The conversion to a car-racing track took a lot of effort on the part of Junkyard #1 Speedway’s CEO and his sons. The main focus of the project is centered not only on car racing but to create an enjoyable family experience.

Schedules and track availability vary and are based mainly upon advanced bookings, weather, and Junkyard #1 Speedway’s calendar of events. More details about the track’s accessibility will be provided as the news develops. Entertainment outsourcing for the track has extended its reach by now streaming a new television series that will appear on Roku under the Hot Noize Network in 2019. 2023 will be the 25th anniversary year for the track. Junkyard #1 Speedway is soon to be the talk of the town and one of the most recognized names in car racing.


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