Message by Muenster

Based out of Denton, Texas, the eloquent wordsmith Muenster is steadily making his mark on the music world by means of an awesome flow and hard-driven lyrical content. Muenster is in the process of revitalizing a once flourishing frontier of politically conscious rap music through the sincerity of his own genius. As a result, we find a golden catalog of hard-hitting music with meaning, as evidenced by Muenster’s latest single off the Weirdope album, entitled Message.

Produced by Billy Syn for Valley Of the Kings Music, Message is a strong offering by Muenster. The track comes with a brilliant music video that is somewhat experimental in its approach but is effective for the song’s theme about police brutality. Muenster opens the Message with a signature flow that is truly his own. Message also possesses a fitting musical landscape that works as a podium for Muenster’s place in rhyme. The track has a dark and rugged edge, one that only a true lyricist can ride. Message by Muenster is a thought-provoking groove that is one stepping stone closer for Muenster to become a household name.

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