Friday (Feat. Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC) By DJ Crillo,

Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, musician and producer Christian Eriksson aka DJ Crillo has a knack for making music that fits into the schemes of originality and soul. In fact, DJ Crillo’s new single Friday featuring Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC is an excellent example of some of the depths and heights achievable in urban music.

Blessed with excellent vocal performances by Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC, Friday is a funky rap/r&b tune with an impeccable groove. Friday opens up with a chunky beat and soulful harmonies which gives this track its delectable appeal. Friday’s festive theme built around having a good time at the onset of an approaching weekend is a refreshing tale that is good for dance floor participation and chill vibes. Friday by DJ Crillo is a great way to live every day of the week.

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