Ace A Caped Crusader - Lonely A
Lonely A (album) by Ace A Caped Crusader

When it comes to sincere content the hip-hop artist known as Ace A Caped Crusader has certainly set a precedent in turning hardened realities into melodic prose. Ace’s lyricism is filled with direct messages that simulate an open conversation. His recent album titled Lonely A is a testimony of his creativity and storybook ingenuity.

Lonely A is comprised of fourteen captivating songs that play like a sonic movie. Ace pours his soul into every song and takes listeners on a poetic escapade into the world of heartbreak and depression. It’s a very intense ride that is made so much more palatable by some of the brilliant concepts, lyrical structure, and some awesome production. Lonely A is a hip-hop classic on its own terms and synergy.

This Is Not A Song But A Helping Hand – Ace opens up with a track about a romance gone wrong and the stress that it causes. Artistically, Ace’s crisp and direct lyricism plays out like a bullet to the heart. There are even moments where he stops rapping and just talks from the perspective of loneliness. The stage piano gives this track a thumbs up reenactment of feeling bluesy.

Loving You Numbs The Pain – This track is a perfect demonstration of how impactful rap can be when the music is just as intense as the lyricism. Ace successfully paints a picture of escapism through addiction. Numbing the pain of loneliness speaks loudly over a musical landscape that uses scarce instrumentation in imitation of the emptiness of one’s emotional state in this position.

I Spent The Night With The Devil I Wish I Could Take It Back – An adventure in hell painted so poetically that it becomes quite a nemesis when we realize the internal struggles that we must face to stay focused.

I Miss U And Hope Ur OkLonely A softly presents its theme in a graceful subliminal cinematic style. I Miss U And I Hope Ur Okay carries a breath of genius with its well-crafted production.

Navel – Ace spits through his own suicidal thoughts, but fights to hold on. The backing track is cynically bright and makes use of atmospheric noise for a cathedral effect.

I’m Too Drunk To Be Thinking About You In This Fucking Club, LOL – Ace provides us with an intoxicating visual of drunkenness that plays out like a movie.

I am Very Grateful For You – Really cool song and somewhat of a changeup in production when compared to the previous tracks. Led by the rhythms of an acoustic guitar, Ace brightens up the journey with a tale of a troubled soul falling in love again.

Brooklyn Circa 2012 – Brooklyn’s urban landscape is beautiful in the summertime and Ace is able to able to capture the magic of seeing beautiful people doing beautiful things.

All I’m Asking For Is Forgiveness – This is a real smooth track with that riding on an open road feel. Ace sets it off with a detailed description of a possible love relationship and if he is the right man capable of such.

Do You Think of Me? – In another episode of this broken-hearted saga, Ace explores an apologetic summit in this theatrical offering. Still amazed by the surrealism behind each track and production to match, Do You Think of Me? Is very moving.

I Feel Like Everything Happening Between Us Is Pointless, Lol – One of my favorite gems on the album, as Ace reveals a different flow that matches up well with a delectable groove like gangsta opera.

I Luv Pain – A very compelling rap song that ventures into the psychological reactions and actions of pain held high. The track carries a touch of interdimensional charm with its haunting piano and industrial measures that linger in the skies of this jewel’s landscape.

Tasnim’s Interlude – An exotic tune that Ace laces with notes on life and other events that he reminisces over.

For You I’d Bleed Myself Dry – Ace sums up Lonely A with a true love letter in the same blunt honest at the onset of the album’s beginning. However, For You I’d Bleed Myself Dry is a courageous effort and the shot-in-the-arm dose of focus need to overcome any relationship obstacles with love.

Lonely A by Ace A Caped Crusader is a masterpiece that covers the tragedies of love and life’s hardships when faced alone. Although much of the album is covered in the dark tranquility of depression, Ace makes a brave effort by letting his heart come first for a serving of total realism. Ace is able to do what no male rapper has ever done with Lonely A by letting exchanging machoism and bravado for an honest masculine perspective. Salute!

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