solo 7

Singer and songwriter Andrew Chung aka Solo 7 is bursting onto the music scene with a nostalgic sound that is delightful and exceptionally refreshing. His new release titled Just Wanna Dance is a charming tune that is entertaining and possesses a warm sense of chorale. Musically, Just Wanna Dance gracefully merges elements of Americana, R&B, with traditional pop music bravado. The track’s perky bassline, acoustic guitar, and organic instrumentation is a winner!

Solo 7’s spectacular vocal performance gives Just Wanna Dance tremendous appeal. His soulful harmonies provide a bit of a healthy edge to this attractive groove and is somewhat reminiscent of the legendary George Michael. However, Solo 7 maintains the originality of his brand with raw talent and a sincere effort. Just Wanna Dance by Solo 7 is a smooth ride that music enthusiasts are bound to enjoy.

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