There is a certain magic in the art of storytelling through dance. The elegance and grace upon which human beings can communicate with one another through bodily movement is simply divine. In this same gesture, so too do we find an undisputed heavenly energy between the connection that a father has with his daughter. Just imagine the joy of being when these two worlds are merged together, and this is the essence of what director and producer Jayden Yoon Zeng Khai successfully captures in the short film Affection.

Based on a true story, Affection is a musical drama that eloquently depicts the love between a father has for his daughter, including the extent and efforts he will make to make sure she reaches her aims. Created in memory of Yolanda Chong Wei Ting’s beloved father; “Chong Thiam Fah,” Affection centers around the story of a young ballerina named Fiona and the encouragement she receives from her father to master her artistic ability. Although Fiona suffers from aphasia and is deaf, she can still feel her father’s love as he composes a lovely composition as a pianist that is instrumental in Fiona cultivating her craft as a dancer. Unfortunately, Fiona’s father is not able to physically witness the scene as he dies too soon. Empowered with the insight of her father watching down from a heavenly abode, Fiona performs vigorously during rehearsal as an expression of the love she has for her father.

Affection is a remarkable story that is very well captured with good cinematography and reflective transitions of times Fiona spent with her father as a child and the grace in which she performs as an adult. The beat of the film makes its theme easy to follow and the virtue of ballet performance casts an innocent overtone and mood between Fiona and her father.

The soundtrack behind the film is equally enchanting and forms a bridge of continuity around the entire production. The dreamy passages of fine measurements and conversation between piano and violin completes an endearing sentence with hope and tranquility. The single Affection carries the beauty of an undying parental bond in the performance of the main character. Although its theme is tragic, we are forever moving forward with stringed-orchestra arrangements and the bright keys of piano. Each movement is a stroke of memory upon which the theme of the story expands. Brilliantly executed, Affection is indeed a work of storybook genius! Music from the film is now available on iTunes.



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