Wafubeh! One of the many ancient Mesopotamian rituals found in the Simon Necronomicon is the Preliminary Purification Incantation,  which derives from an Akkadian potency ritual taken from the 7th Century BCE. known as Sa.Zi.Ga. This information can be confirmed in the book entitled Sa.zi.ga, ancient Mesopotamian potency incantations, (Texts from cuneiform sources) by Robert D. Biggs. Before we proceed further into our discussion, let us take a look at the Preliminary Purification Incantation as found in the Simon Necronomicon’s Book of Calling:

Preliminary Purification Invocation

Bright One of the Heavens, wise ISHTAR
Mistress of the Gods, whose “yes” is truly “yes”
Proud One among the Gods, whose command is supreme
Mistress of Heaven and of Earth, who rules in all places
ISHTAR, at your Name all heads are bowed down
I . . . son of . . . have bowed down before you
May my body be purified like lapis lazuli!
May my face be bright like alabaster!
Like shining silver and reddish gold may I not be dull!

Some may wonder why the Necronomicon presents this Akkadian potency ritual as a working of purification. Well, sexual prowess was considered to be a blessing from the gods. If you have ever noticed that a person who is sick has no sexual desire during the time of illness or libido. Occult power is synonymous with the power of arousal.
(line numbers here do not follow Biggs, since he indicates the lines used from each copy)
Adapted from
Biggs 1967:27-30
[DIŠ N]A ÍL ŠÀ-shú KAR-ma lu [ana ] SAL-shú lu ana SAL BAR-ti ŠÀ-shu NU [ÍL] 1. [If a man]’s potency is taken away and his “heart” does not rise for his own woman or for another woman,
ana IGI 15 MUL.MEŠ GI.GAB GUB-an UDU.SIZKUR BAL- 2. you set up a reed altar facing Ishtar-of-the-Stars, (and) you sacrifice a sheep;
NÍG.NA ŠIM.LI GAR-an KAŠ.SAG BAL- 3. you set up a censer of juniper, you libate beer, (and)
UZU.ZAG UZU.ME.HÉ UZU.KA.IZI [tu- tahha] 4. [you offer] the shoulder, fatty tissue, and the roast.
2 NU Ì.UDU 2 NU GAB.LÀL 2 NU kup-ri 2 NU IM. BABBAR 5. You make two figurines of tallow, two figurines of wax, two figurines of bitumen, two figurines of gypsum,
2 NU NÍG.LAG 2 NU GIŠ.ERIN DÙ-ush ina DUG.BUR.ZI NU AL ŠEG6.GÁ 6. two figurines of dough, two figurines of cedar; in an unfired pursitu-vessel
ina IZI ana IGI 15 MUL.MEŠ ta-shar-rap-ma kam DU11.GA 7. you burn them in a fire facing Ishtar-of-the-Stars, and you recite the following:
ÉN na-na-rat AN-e te-li-tu dIsh-tar 8. An Incantation. Bright one of the heavens, wise Ishtar,
be-let DINGIR.MEŠ shá an-na-shá an-nu 9. Mistress of the gods, whose “yes” is indeed yes,
mu-tal-la-at DINGIR.MEŠ shá qí-bit-sa se-rat 10. proud one among the gods, whose command is supreme,
be-let AN-e u KI-tì mu-ma-‘i-rat kàl URU.URU 11. Mistress of heaven and earth, who rules all towns.
dIsh-tar [ana] MU-ki kit-mu-su ŠU.NIGIN EN.MEŠ-e 12. Ishtar, at your name all lords are bowed down.
ana-ku NN A NN ak-ta-mis IGI-ki 13. I, (name), son of (name), have bowed down before you.
sha kish-pi ep(!)-shu ina KI shu-nu-lu NU.MEŠ-ia 14. (I) against whom magic has been performed, figurines of whom have been laid in the ground—
GIM NA4.ZA.GÌN lu-bi-ib zu-um-ri 15. May my body be purified like lapis lazuli.
GIM NA4.GIŠ.NUx(ŠIR).GAL lu ZALÁG.MEŠ SAG.MEŠ-[ia] 16. May [my] features be bright like alabaster.
GIM KÙ.BABBAR eb-be GIM KÙ.GI ru-she-e a-dir-ta a-a ar-shi 17. Like shining silver and reddish gold, may I not be dull.
Ú tar-mush Ú.IGI.LIM Ú.IGI.NIŠ Ú.AŠ.TÁL.TÁL 18. May tarmush-plant, imhur-limu-plant, imhur-eshra-plant, ardadillu-plant,
Ú SIKIL Ú.KUR.RA GIŠ.KAN.U5 19. usikillu-plant, “mountain”-plant, (and) GIŠ.KAN.U 5-plant
lit-ru-du ru-he-e-a an-nam 3-shú DU11.GA-ma 20. dispel my enchantment. You shall recite this three times.
DÙ.DÙ.BI KÙ.BABBAR KÙ.GI NA4.ZA.GÌN NA4.GIŠ.NUx.GAL 21. Its ritual is: silver, gold, lapis lazuli, alabaster;
Ú tar-mush Ú.IGI.LIM Ú.IGI.NIŠ Ú.AŠ.TÁL.TÁL 22. tarmush-plant, imhur-limu-plant, imhur-eshra-plant, ardadillu-plant,
Ú SIKIL Ú.KUR.RA GIŠ.KAN.U5 ina ÉŠ GADA É-ak 23. usikillu-plant, “mountain”-plant, (and) GIŠ.KAN.U 5-plant you string on a linen cord
ina GÚ-shú GAR-an UDU pu-ha-la ina SAG GIŠ.NÁ-shú 24. (and) put (it) round his neck. You tie a ram at the head of his bed,
[UDU TA]R-su ina she-pit GIŠ.NÁ- shu tar-kas 25. [a wea]ned sheep at the foot of his bed.
ina SAG.KI pu-ha-la u SAG.KI UDU TAR.si 26. From the forehead of the ram and the forehead of the weaned sheep
SIG.MEŠ ta-na-sah-ma DUR.MEŠ a- hi-na-a NU.NU 27. you pull out wool and spin separate threads.
EN [. . . .] ana UGU ŠID-nu ina MÚRU- shú KEŠDA-ma ŠÀ.ZI.GA 28. The incantation [. . .] you recite over (them), tie them round his waist, and he will be potent.
Practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon can feel secure that Preliminary Purification Incantation is an actual ancient Mesopotamian rite. This concludes another discussion in the legacy of the great Necronomicon Tradition.


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