Underground hip-hop artist and rap legend Marcus Christ is on a mission to restore rap music to its traditional form. Widely-known for his nostalgic flow and politically-aware bars that can free imprisoned minds, Christ’s lyrical vision offers a 360-degree scope of reality as the subject matter of his rhymes consist of varying perspectives. His recent single entitled I’m Gangsta is one urban calling-card that perfectly demonstrates Christ’s lyrical genius.

I’m Gangsta affords Christ the opportunity to get down to the cadence of artistic business with its fiery, but colorful beat. Christ’s gangsta-hood is delightfully sarcastic, often drawing analogies between social injustices and demeaning stereotypes. One interesting thing about Marcus Christ’s wordplay is that it is crisply inventive and never dated or preachy. Christ uses I’m Gangsta as a slogan of inspiration for being all that you can be while avoiding the vices of life.  More info about Marcus Christ and his music can be found at the following website: http://ww.marcuschrist.com

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