The New York City-based jazz-rock trio Eddie Arjun has an incredible sound that is both groundbreaking and imaginative. Comprised of members Eddie Arjun Peters (guitar), Andre Lyles (bass), and Michael Vetter (drums), Eddie Arjun (formerly Arjun) are known for their signature fusion of jazz and rock music elements since forming in 2003. This progressive instrumental band is set to release their 5th album entitled Transition (Pheromone Records) on February 1st, 2019.

Consisting of eight vibrant tracks, Transition perfectly demonstrates the creative intensity that Eddie Arjun is able to demonstrate. Beginning with the album opening track There It Is, Eddie Arjun has built a musical landscape that encompasses blues, funk, and psychedelic rock, which evolves into a music lover’s dream. Transition’s organic schematic and overall craftsmanship give this project its dreamy nostalgic ambiance.

Transition sets up an enjoyable journey that opens the door to musical dimensions that transcend the mundane. It’s hard to choose favorites in this groove-laden smorgasbord of rhythm. Following There It Is, the sonic journey continues with Core, a free-spirited track with some awesome guitar measures. For the most part, Transition offers its listeners the opportunity to zone out and really absorb the tremendous level of musical continuity that Eddie Arjun has placed before us. Lavalust is another inspiring tune that is somewhat reminiscent of the English garage rock experimentation occurring during the late-1960s. However, Eddie Arjun’s originality keeps Transition here and now, something that speaks to our souls especially-molded for these days and times. Transition is a masterpiece made from the essence of Eddie Arjun’s heart and soul. Get the latest updates on Eddie Arjun by visiting their website: 

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