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Based out of Stuttgart, Germany, hip-hop artist and producer Bastian Koller aka Bastiko has an innovative sound that is delightfully entertaining and full of vigor. Bastiko’s musical presentation is an impressive fusion of electronica, hip-hop, and pop music genres. Bastiko’s recent maxi-single titled Running Around In Circles exemplifies his musical dexterity and warm sense of originality.

The maxi-single Running Around In Circles is composed of two selections. The first track titled Sonnenuntergang, which means “Sunset” in German, starts off with some sparkling electronic instrumentation and chunky beat. Bastiko comes through with a smooth flow as the musical landscape begins to climb. Coupled with a catchy hook, Sonnenuntergang appears to be that radio-ready tune, which has a groove that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

Running Around In Circles is an upbeat gem that quickly grabs our attention with its nightlife atmospheric sounds. Bastiko rides this r&b/pop beat with rap-sung bars that work into the overall scheme the track’s structure. Bastiko is effectively able to take listeners into a cinematic reality that is pleasant to the ears and centers around a slice of life that everyday can enjoy. Bastiko proves that a hard work ethic and naturally driven talent are the recipes for success.

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