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Life Is Beats by Deion

Based out of Philadelphia, hip-hop producer and beatmaker Deion has procured a delightful sound that he often presents in cinematic fashion. His new album entitled Life Is Beats is set for release on February 8th, 2019. Deion’s impressive undertaking is based on the video game Life Is Strange.

Comprised of eleven tracks, Life Is Beats turns out to be a spectacular offering from Deion. After the album’s intro, listeners can sink into the eloquent groove of Art Talk. This is an innovative track is built upon the technology of melody, dialogue, and inventiveness. Deion has put together a solid endeavor that includes elements of electronica and some experimental music influences. Deion’s melting pot of sonic edibles is well crafted. The track Stars (feat. Rachel Amber) is a remarkable example of Deion’s musical expertise. Stars has a compelling sound that comes to life due to its chunky drum pattern and intelligible structures. Life Is Beats makes fair use of exotic instrumentation and fostering rhythms. Additional tracks like Last Moment and the irresistible beat of the concluding track Sacrifice.

Overall, Life Is Beats proves to be an eclectic charm for real music enthusiasts. It is intriguing and works within the framework of its theme. Listeners who are familiar with the video game Life Is Strange are bound to catch a few things that the entertained may overlook. However, Life Is Beats still holds its own as a gem in Deion’s treasure chest for all to enjoy. More info about Life Is Beats can be found on Deion’s website: