Bathing in the diverse sounds of classical and instrumental music, Melodic Minor have procured a marvelous undertaking in sound. Their new single Remedy in the Backyard is an enchanting composition that illustrates the symphonious craftsmanship and creative genius behind the project. Melodic Minor are not musicians in the traditional sense of the term, but sound engineers who enjoy inspirational music and the inventiveness that such artistic endeavors often capture.

Remedy in the Backyard is a compelling offering that is filled with nostalgic grace. As a pearl in an ocean of melody, the track begins with a beautiful measurement led by piano and stirring strings. Gradually a soft dialogue of harmonious sentences and orchestration seem to emerge through the voice of a lone violin, which works in effectively painting visuals of serenity and warm embrace upon the minds of sincere music enthusiasts.

Remarkably, Melodic Minor provides an elegant plate of delights with the heartwarming charm of Remedy in the Backyard. Embodying an array of emotions, its sonic prose seems to blossom over a cinematic landscape that not only captures our attention but is able to maintain a sharp continuity that keeps us involved. Remedy in the Backyard by Melodic Minor is an answered prayer heralding the return of great music.

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