The ingenuity of flutist and composer Ying-Ting Luo


Based out of New York, the award-winning Taiwanese film and game composer Ying-Ting Luo is truly a gifted musician whose talent and expertise in the field is gaining worldwide recognition. Luo’s passion for music began in her childhood when she started taking piano lessons at 4 years old. Since this time, Luo’s artistic development and career have blossomed into a beautiful legacy. She pursued a bachelor degree in flute performance at Taipei National University of the Arts, where she received many awards in recognition of her excellent playing. Luo would later continue her academic studies at Berklee College of Music, where she studied film & video game scoring. Luo graduated Berklee with honors and has moved on to work with legends like the Susana Baca, Wang Leehom, Toninho Horta, and Joyce Moreno.

Much of Luo’s musical expertise and journey is embodied in her debut EP titled Sky Suite. This beautiful offering features Luo’s is composed of four breathtaking movements, which reflect Luo’s experience growing up in her native land of Taiwan. Sky Suite takes a very cinematic approach to building its sonic landscape, merging elements from both western and eastern cultures.

The ingenuity of flutist and composer Ying-Ting Luo

The Sky Suite EP opens with the tantalizing sounds of Fire of the Sky. The spirited drums and graceful working of stringed instruments invite us to let the dawn of this journey into our hearts and lives. The next two tracks, Garden of the Sky and Omen of the Sky, demonstrate Luo’s unique ability to paint emotional overtones with a brisk stroke of sound that engulfs our environment. The Tears of the Sky is a touching way of closing this masterful work and a reminder of the mysteries of a rainy day.

Sky Suite by Ying-Ting Luo is a masterpiece and a fulfilling look into the genius of its composer. Luo is able to transcend all expectations with her exquisite vocal performance and symphonious work as flutist.  Not only is Luo’s musical expression a brilliant work, but a whole composition that will be celebrated for years to come and for that we are grateful for the good that Ting-Ling Luo has contributed to us all. Thank you!

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  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting a long time for Luo to release her music. Her compositions are lush and beautiful, yet driving and strong, just my type of likening. Can’t wait to hear more from this incredible artist!

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