The enchanting charisma of singer, songwriter, and “jumpsuit diva” Mos Capri is equally measured by her breathtaking voice and heartwarming sense of chorale. As a true Renaissance woman and artist of the post-modern era, Mos Capri is the result of her own willful reinvention and investment into the musical gifts that she has sincerely cultivated. In the embrace of some of life’s turbulent lessons, Mos Capri uses her creative genius and passion for music as a release and mirror of where she is at on this universal journey called life. This process has recently resulted in a beautiful ballad entitled By Myself.

By Myself is a fabulous song! The organic nature of the track’s instrumentation and use of a single piano inventively reinforces its theme of being there for oneself. By Myself proves to be a melodic platform and vehicle, wherein Mos Capri is able to embody and share a message of courage, faith, and inspiration. Our hearts are touched by her voice as she effectively moves to the “who is that?!!” status in our minds. By Myself by Mos Capri is the period that ends the sentence when we recognize that there is still good music in the world. Bravo! For more info about Mos Capri, please visit her on Facebook.

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