House music fans and enthusiasts can take delight in the upcoming release out of the legendary Immortal Records’ camp. An outfit called The Adjustment Bureau is set to put out SICK4U on March 29th, 2019.  Produced by Ben Rebel, SICK4U is a funky maxi-single comprised of four mixes by Ben Rebel, QdEarl, and Man From Object: R525L

SICK4U has an intrinsic organic vibe that should definitely find favor among lovers of Afro House, Deep House, and Jungle music. SICK4U‘s musical essence is the sort that permeates through places like New York City’s Club Shelter. The track’s bare flavor with its eclectic beat is a game-changer and something that will warm the hearts of nostalgic house heads.

Man From Object: R525L’s remix adds some unique measurements to the original structure of the track and offers a comparative fluidness to SICK4U‘s theme with slight elements of electronica. Ben Rebel’s remix develops a garage atmosphere behind the music that focuses more on drumming with additional instrumentation and some familiar synth sounds. SICK4U has a few neat surprises waiting to be unveiled. House music loyalists will definitely find a groove that cures in SICK4U by The Adjustment Bureau.

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