Australian singer and songwriter Nikita is a truly gifted musical artist. The songstress has been cultivating her craft from early childhood. Nikita’s distinct passion for chorale and melody is spawned by such legends as Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, and Sara Bareilles. Nikita’s debut single titled Stones is a fervent testimony of her musical creativity and genius.

Stones is a refreshing pop-ballad that proves to be a sparkling gem of artistic beauty. Musically, this brilliant pop composition shines from a landscape of soul and exotic instrumentation. Led by the charms of a spectacular piano sequence, strings, and a captive bassline, Stones is centered on the theme of forbidden love.

Nikita offers a memorable and enchanting vocal performance, wherein she is able to brand the essence of her talented presence upon our subconscious minds with graceful structures of rising harmonies. Nikita is able to use Stones as a podium of expression and to mark the skies as the limit of her musical boundaries. Stones is simply a masterpiece and stirring debut single from the lovely Nikita. Preorders available on iTunes.

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