The Amazing Voice of 14-year-old Tia Ber Comes To Life in Debut Single Pieces

Based out of Canada, the talented 14-year-old Tia Ber has a voice of a lifetime. The youthful singer and songwriter’s expression of her inner “old soul” continues to baffle audiences with sheer delight. Tia’s debut single Pieces is an epitome of her talent and blooming musical expertise.

Tia Ber

Youthful songstress Tia Ber expresses her artistic genius in debut single.

Pieces by Tia Ber is expected to be released on October 28th, 2018. Tia’s father, Michael Ber, has been working earnestly on behalf of his daughter’s career and follow-up music. Pieces is a beautiful ballad that will surely touch the hearts of music enthusiasts and devotees of popular music. Tia is able to utilize the sophistication of chorale and a single piano in this recorded earthshattering performance, as she paints a melodious picture of the intoxication of love from a place where we can all attend. For more information about Tia Ber and the single Pieces, please visit the website:


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