Based out of Los Angles, the alternative rock band Love Ghost has procured an incredibly progressive sound that speaks volumes concerning the issues and challenges facing young people. Comprised of band members Finn Bell (vocals, guitar), Mya Greene (viola), Ryan Stevens (bass), and Samson Young (drums), Love Ghost ranks as one of the top alternative rock bands in the world. The group has received numerous accolades including the prestigious 2017 Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Alternative Band. The inventiveness of Love Ghost’s creativity is captured in their recent single Mr. Blue.

Mr. Blue is an electrifying tune that centers on the theme of finding one’s place in society and battling with depressive moods. Love Ghost is able to reach our hearts by an exceptional display of organic instrumentation and stirring lyricism. Mr. Blue’s steady groove, flaring guitar riffs, and tasteful charms of viola, give this track a provocative sense of enchantment that is quite addictive.

Through a progressive choice of words, Love Ghost is able to expose the fable and false personas that many people are forced to live through in a seemingly tainted world. Despite this heavy dose of realism, Mr. Blue turns out to be an enjoyable and bright offering of proverbial lyrical content and wisdom. Mr. Blue by Love Ghost is worth its weight in talent.








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