Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota the indie-alternative band Against The Voices is set to release their new single Memories I Don’t Want on August 14th, 2020. Comprised of members Gabriel K. Hart (guitars-bass-vocals) and Nick Zimmerman (drums-keys-guitars-vocals), the duo has a strong history of working together, which certainly adds to the validity of their sound. After the success of their debut single “Don’t Talk About It” released April 10, 2020, and their follow-up song “All My Friends Are Dead or Beets” on June 12, 2020, Against The Voices rises to the occasion once again with Memories I Don’t Want.

Memories I Don’t Want is a vibrant track that totes the Against The Voices’ signature fusion of traditional rock music landscapes with a stirring taste of electronica. The song’s driving beat is accented by strong keyboard measures and a pulsating bassline. Against The Voices delivers an excellent vocal performance that demonstrates the group’s range and inventiveness. Memories I Don’t Want by Against The Voices is truly a winner!
Memories I Don’t Want (Presave Link)
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