Ephect (rap artist)

Rap Artist Ephect Continues His Musical Campaign With New Music Video – Luv Loss


Rap music’s very own lyrical vigilante Ephect returns to his favorite pastime with the release of the sensational Luv Loss music video. Luv Loss is a track off of the highly celebrated album titled The Nphection, which I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing this past September. As can be determined by the song’s title, Luv Loss covers the topic of heartbreak and a romance gone wrong. Ephect’s bars on this track are equally impressive on both a street and academic level. Luv Loss’ music video greatly intensifies the vibe of the song’s theme.

Published on February 28th, 2019, the Luv Loss music video provides us with a cinematic taste of Ephect’s vision on the subject of heartbreak that successfully plays out like a movie. The video begins in dramatic fashion with a scene that I even had the tragedy of experiencing, breaking up with your partner by leaving either a text or voicemail message. Damn, Ephect brings us the truth in Luv Loss! In this case, as with most, it’s the male (played by Ephect) that is on the receiving end of the message. The main body of this visual presentation encompasses not only the obsession that may be experienced during a sudden breakup but additional factors of betrayal that are sometimes involved. Luv Loss is not only one of the best music videos on the subject but brings us a whole new level of respect and appreciation for the wisdom that Ephect has to offer in his music. Peace!

Ephect’s Website: https://itsephect.com/ 

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