Australian artists

Rock It All Night Long by S3 Saba Brothers

Rock It All Night Long Cover Art

S3 Saba Brothers is an awesome musical trio coming out of Sydney, Australia. Comprised of band members and brothers Raymond Saba (guitar, vocals), Nathan Saba (bass, vocals), and Steven Saba, the Saba Brothers have a rich organic sound that is a fusion of folk, pop, and progressive rock musical genres. Much of the band’s inventiveness is captured in their take of holiday cheer in the tune titled Rock It All Night Long.

The S3 Saba Brothers have put together a beautiful Christmas song that has a striking sense of originality. Rock It All Night Long possesses a charming melody, which is greatly enhanced by its acoustic instrumentation. Lyrically, Rock It All Night Long builds upon the theme of remembering the valuable principles of Christmas that have been forgotten. In one segment of the track we hear the words; “forget if you’ve been naughty or been nice. It’s important that we see all our friends and family and that’s how Christmas time should really be.” Rock It All Night Long is not only a phenomenal work for the holiday season, but an ode of what is valuable to us during this special time of year.

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