Based out of Modesto, California, producer extraordinaire, songwriter and rap artist Digital Gringo takes delight in a clear cur musical path that is crafty and indefinable. Digital Gringo’s exceptional style comes from a merge of influences, which includes anything from hard punk to classic rock to underground rap. His recent album titled Project Mayhem is a rap journey par excellence.

Digital Gringo is able to take his audience through an inventive world of music and mayhem that is made surreal by extravagant flows and equally creative production. Project Mayhem is a brilliant offering comprised twelve tracks. Digital Gringo opens this eclectic album with a fitting intro called “Howdy Do!” that lets us know when the fun is about to begin. This is followed by a nostalgic party track entitled Maximum Carnage, a tune that really brandishes Digital Gringo’s skill and range as a lyricist.

Digital Gringo is able to drop some profound bars about human society and those that are imprisoned by materialism on the title track. Project Mayhem stands out for its crimson overtones and adds a diverse flavor to a seemingly bright album as can be seen from tracks like Sofa King Awesome and Sweet Chin Music. Digital Gringo speaks from the heart throughout Project Mayhem. One track that heavily attests to Digital Gringo’s ability to paint his thoughts upon our subconscious minds is made evident in Dawn of the Third Day, which features the expertise of Jesse Fioren in song. Digital Gringo’s intense vocal serving and hypnotic but edgy drum sequence make Dawn of the Third Day one of this album’s most-trusted treasures. Digital Gringo concludes this masterful work with the tantalizing track Darkwing Duck, a rap song that calls for the extremities of hip-hop bravado in verse over a stirring beat.

Project Mayhem is draped in a contending atmosphere that savors the depth of lyric and quality of a song. Perhaps this gives way to the overall dreaminess of the production. Certainly, Digital Gringo becomes a favorite in mind for those that have the choice opportunity to own and listen to this album in its entirety. Project Mayhem proves to be Digital Gringo’s lens of experience, one upon which we can measure ourselves.

Project Mayhem by Digital Gringo on Bandcamp


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