When it comes to the rap game Badd Newz is real to life! Born Latori Gentrez Williams Sr., Badd Newz got his name by staying in trouble a lot. Life as a youth had its own fair share of challenges. Badd Newz was raised in a single-parented home along with his eight other siblings (five sisters and three brothers).

Despite having been reared without some of the advantages that are available to many youths, Badd Newz set his focus on making a better life for his family and himself. Coming up, Badd Newz was a local basketball star and would later flip these same skills by dribbling words over musical courts. Inspired greatly by the exploits of Lil Boosie and the resemblance in lifestyle, Badd Newz rose up to do what he does best. Turning out verses with musical expertise and bars that keep audiences captive, Badd Newz has been on the rap for life path since 2014. His career has escalated to the realms of opening up for the No Limit Reunion Tour, Boosie, Webbie, Trill Fam, Pastor Troy, and 8Ball & MJG to name a few. His albums Threat2Society and Threat2DaIndustry are ingenious classics that are both available on all music platforms. In 2019, Badd Newz is set to do a ton of music and a ton of shows, which is certainly good news for music enthusiasts and rap purists.



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