Gifted lyricist and emcee epAdemyk is definitely making his mark on the music world and more specifically, a strong name in the underground rap scene. epAdemyk’s claim to fame is a different form of realism, something that’s more attuned with all the hip-hop John Lennons that are still trying to make sense of the world by offering music lovers something that is tastefully distinctive.

Recently, I had the blessed opportunity of getting familiar with epAdemyk’s music in my recent review of the tracks She Cheated Again and the charming winner titled Pardon. Not only do I find epAdemyk’s work as an artist brilliant, but consider his rise through the ranks of the rap music a sign of his presence as the genre’s new gatekeeper. I’ve even found the insights of rap music’s new maestro compelling and inspirational. I think you will enjoy his insights and practical wisdom that can be easily ascertained from his wise words in this interview. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to extend my gratitude and deepest appreciation for the time you have taken to share some of your insights about your career and life with our readers. That being said, please introduce yourself. Who is epAdemyk?

epAdemyk: epAdemyk is a widespread disease that affects individuals in a population. Individuals think for themselves, I make music for those individuals that form their own opinions. epAdemyk’s music infects your soul. That’s my “artsy fartsy” answer if you will. Honestly I’m just a guy who loves music and quite aware of the power it possesses, and wants to give back what it has given me!

Warlock Asylum: How was life for you growing up and when did you begin to have a relationship with music?

epAdemyk: Growing up was definitely an experience that bonded me with music at a very early age. I was never really good at “talking” about how I felt so I would express myself through the music that I heard. During elementary school, my mom placed me in orchestra, then made the switch to band a year later. I started writing some lyrics at 17 shortly after I got my hands on a keyboard and started making instrumentals.

Warlock Asylum: What was it in particular about rap music that not only made you a fan of the genre but also created the desire to express yourself as a rap artist?

epAdemyk: I would have to say the initial love for the blues as well as R&B. Once I was introduced to Hip Hop I never turned back. I’ve been addicted ever since. Fun fact, before I went the Hip Hop route I was actually practicing to become a front man for a heavy metal band.

Warlock Asylum: When did you realize that being an emcee was your calling?

epAdemyk: Oh man this is a funny story… I was at a Glitch Mob concert I wound up getting on stage to dance. I will never forget at one time thinking “Everybody is looking at me… I wanna be on stage forever”. Knowing now that there is no way everybody in the venue was watching me dance while 3 DJs were throwing down… It still makes me laugh to this day thinking about it. Laughs aside, as I began sharing my music with others I started seeing how it touched and impacted them. It may sound selfish but I feel that through my music I have something to give back to fans and listeners.

Warlock Asylum: What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to make your path as a rap artist possible?

epAdemyk: I would say the biggest obstacle to stand in my way would be myself. I have come to realize that confidence is contagious and you have to be determined or you will find yourself running into the “I can’t do it” wall frequently. As a constant reminder, I have written on my motivational board “You have only lost when you quit or give up”.

Warlock Asylum: Your rap style appears to have a strong aroma of nostalgia, reflecting a time when lyrical content was valued without sounding dated. Who are some of your influences?

epAdemyk: I’ve been influenced by several artists like B.B. King through the passion that he played with and being able to rip a guitar with any artist in any setting. Sade the queen whose voice melodically connects to your soul with every note she sings. A Collie Buddz track “Blind To You” was a big influence with the message it delivered to turn a blind eye to the envy and hate. I used to play that song every morning to set the tone for the day. Kid Cudi was a major influence with the way he delivered raw emotion on the track touching on real-life experience. Speaking on the struggles with self-inflicted thoughts that needed to be acknowledged. I found the album “Man On The Moon” as one of the most influential albums I’ve ever listened to. I was able to relate to almost every song on such a personal level giving me the motivation to share my experience with the world.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us a little bit about the making of your dynamic music video title “She Cheated Again”. I love the cinematography and the natural settings that were utilized. Are the concepts behind the video your ideas?

epAdemyk: All the video credit goes to Mark Bowie, I told him I wanted to shoot a video to this remix I just did. I sent him the track so he could listen and he immediately knew the location that he wanted to hit. We actually shot and edited that video in less than 12 hours. It was pretty much on the fly type of shoot that couldn’t have come together more perfectly. I would also like to mention that was the first music video he ever filmed. So I wanna take the time to send my appreciation to him. Thank you, Mark.

Warlock Asylum: If you had to define a central theme or message to your lyricism, what would it be?

epAdemyk: Keep pushing forward. Smile. Have fun and most importantly, don’t be afraid to talk about how you feel. You can come from a rocky road and turn it into a beautiful flowerbed by just believing in yourself.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from epAdemyk in the next five years? Any future projects underway?

epAdemyk: Nothing but growth, I have a single titled Pardon dropping this spring that I know will become an international hit. This song is produced by Ihaksi out of Finland. Shout outs to him. I am working on an album titled “Rebuilding,” which is mostly self-produced that I plan to drop in the spring/summer. This album includes an absolute banger titled O.M.W. produced by the legend in the making, Lil’ Pie Chart. Also, I have started an officially licensed record label AMA1 Music Entertainment with the intention to create a lane of exposure for all forms of art, not just music. This will be the beginning of what I have dubbed “The C.F.C.” Contagious Family Community. A community of individuals that believe in “Success With Others” not only in music but in life. It’s become too much of a “Me Me Me” world and I look to change that creating a movement that is bigger than myself.

Warlock Asylum: How can our readers keep up with your music, shows, and any new happenings concerning your career?

epAdemyk: Keep up with me through my website containing links to my social media pages. Strap in, let’s ride, scope the music and I’ll see you there. Website:

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to epAdemyk for using his lyrical gift in a way that can help the human family grow. We wish you all the best on your artistic and earthly endeavors.

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