Currently based out of Sydney, Australia, the prolific singer, and songwriter Paul Scott has released a new album under his pseudonym and musical persona The Insufferable Paul Scott. His latest effort is a 12-track gem entitled Tea And Medals. The album sprang out of home demos and ideas that The Insufferable Paul Scott put together during the 2020 pandemic. Tea And Medals features a host of collaborators/producers and mixers including Steve Melville(The Tea Party, Paolo Nutini, Regurgitator), Tim Powles(The Church).

Beginning with the opening track Bells Ring, Tea And Medals is driven by a melodic frontier of beat-heavy tunes flavored with intense instrumentation and bass while The Insufferable Paul Scott provides the listener with cutting-edge vocal performances.

Tea And Medals covers a wide range of emotions and daily situations, but the music remains dimensional. Tracks like Suburbs Like Seas and Electioneers are great examples that demonstrate the musical range and continuity that Tea And Medals embellishes. This is a great album that deserves a place in history. Salute!