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The Funkier Side of Music Begins With “duFunk” by Drivetime


Based out of Philadelphia, the international sounds of contemporary jazz band Drivetime have captivated the hearts of thousands for more than a decade. Drivetime takes a very inventive approach to their musical undertakings, often incorporating elements of different genres into their latest sonic scenarios as evidenced by their new single “duFunk”.

DuFunk has an exhilarating sound that is full of life. The track begins with the charms of an exceedingly warm groove composed of bass and a captivating keyboard riff, which culminates into a sharply distinctive brass segment that is striking, mainly because of the measure’s avant-garde quality. The plush background of organic sounds, including a nice layered backdrop of strings gives this melody a bright air of originality.

As with every offering from Drivetime, “duFunk” brandishes the band’s excelling taste for crafty instrumentation. Later in the track, we get to hear some excellent solos on the part of Drivetime. The ambiance of “duFunk” is both festive and entertaining. Drivetime’s new offering is insatiably funky and that’s a good thing!