Straight from Atlanta, Georgia, The Last Chance Riders are musically endowed with a sound that is an essential thirst quencher for rock purists. Comprised of members Jessie Albright (vocals), DeWitt Thompson (guitar), John Woods (guitar), Jim Martin (bass), and Shane Denmark (drums), the band’s nostalgic inventiveness is a lesson learned from legends like AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and many more. The Last Chance Riders have vested every ounce of their being into the music that they create. Their latest track single Downright Disgusted is a perfect example of the group’s collective genius.

Downright Disgusted is an electrifying banquet of rock music’s truest potential and the freedom it guarantees. The track opens with a guitar-heavy lead that opens the door to Jessie Albright’s superb vocal performance. Several of the song’s breaks and variations in structure reveal Shane Denmark’s quest as a drummer. Downright Disgusted by The Last Chance Riders is warm on the ears and possesses all the right ingredients for a tasteful experience.

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